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Date:      Tue, 17 Nov 2009 12:14:10 -0800 (PST)
From:      =?iso-8859-1?Q?D=E1nielisz_L=E1szl=F3?= <>
To:        Roland Smith <>
Subject:   Re: hdd voltage
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Roland,=0A=0AI installed mbmon, it looks like its a great application, but =
I have a question, I google it and I found no answers yet.=0AWith mbmon -r =
what values do you get? I figured out some but the rest I have no idea for =
what stands for.=0A=0A# mbmon -r      =0ATEMP0 : 42.0=0ATEMP1 : 67.0=0ATEMP=
2 : 67.0=0AFAN0  :    0=0AFAN1  : 2410=0AFAN2  :    0=0AVC0   :  +1.36=0AVC=
1   :  +1.42=0AV33   :  +3.39=0AV50P  :  +5.11=0AV12P  : +12.04=0AV12N  :  =
+1.46=0AV50N  :  +2.29=0A=0A=0A=0A=0A________________________________=0AFro=
m: Roland Smith <>=0ATo: D=E1nielisz L=E1szl=F3 <laszlo_dan=>=0ACc: Tue, November=
 17, 2009 8:42:18 PM=0ASubject: Re: hdd voltage=0A=0AOn Tue, Nov 17, 2009 a=
t 09:43:04AM -0800, D=E1nielisz L=E1szl=F3 wrote:=0A> Hello,=0A> =0A> My co=
mputer get starts to reboot all the time I do a higher hdd use (like:=0A> f=
sck, copying more GB of data). I was sure that my power supply its not=0A> =
enough so I changed it (300W->450W), now it does the same. I'm looking for =
a=0A> tool to measure the exactly power consumiton (voltage and amper) of m=
y hdd,=0A> cpu and ram on FreeBSD.  Do you have any idea?=0A=0ATools like m=
bmon can show you the different voltages that the power supply=0Aproduces. =
But current isn't measured in the different circuits, AFAIK. If you=0Asee a=
 drop in voltage before a reboot that would be a clear sign of=0Atrouble. U=
nfortunately the chips that do the monitoring sometimes only provide=0Anew =
values once every second. That is probably not fast enough to detect a=0Asw=
ift voltage drop.=0A=0AThere are devices (e.g. kill-a-watt) available that =
you can plug between the=0Apower outlet and the PC that show you the total =
power consumption. See=0Ae.g.
ubpage=3D1=0A=0AThe abovementioned link shows a decent system using between=
 118 and 205=0AWatt. So I'd be surprised if your 450 Watt powersupply wasn'=
t sufficient.=0A(unless you have one of those graphics cards that is covere=
d in fans and=0Aheatsinks and that you could still use to fry an egg on.)=
=0A=0ABut I agree that it looks like a hardware problem. Unfortunately ther=
e are=0Amultiple possible causes. Check to see if all the cabling and cards=
 are=0Asecurely connected. Monitor the temperatures that the on-board senso=
rs=0Areport. Remove dust from heatsinks and fans. Check the electrolytic ca=
pacitors=0Aon the motherboard. If the metal "lid" is bulging, it's busted.=
=0A=0ARoland=0A-- =0AR.F.Smith                                  http://www.=[plain text _non-HTML_ PGP/GnuPG encrypted/signed emai=
l much appreciated]=0Apgp: 1A2B 477F 9970 BA3C 2914  B7CE 1277 EFB0 C321 A7=
25 (KeyID: C321A725)=0A=0A=0A=0A      

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