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Date:      Mon, 16 Dec 2013 20:42:32 +0000
From:      "Andy" <>
To:        "freebsd-questions" <>
Subject:   Instagram Likes

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My name is  Andy. I also specialise in  Facebook and Twitter managemen=
t helping to generate more business  and also give your Facebook page =
 the wow factor.
Our daily newsletter consists  of nearly  500,000 people who have take=
n part in a lifestyle survey , so we have a clearer  indication of wha=
t interests our clients . When someone submits an order through us unl=
ike most of our competitors, We then submit your link through our news=
letter  and in turn people then like your page. We do not use robots o=
r fake likes.=20
Prices from :-
=C2=A350 for 2,000 Facebook Likes
=C2=A350 for 6,000 Instagram followers
=C2=A345 for 7,000 Twitter followers
=C2=A350 for 30,000 YouTube Views
If a new customer  logs on to your Facebook page  and can see that you=
 have 7000 likes compared to your competition with just 350 likes, the=
y tend to side with you even without considering price differences, as=
 they are installed  with confidence. This will also boost your positi=
on  through Facebook and start to drive natural  traffic through your =
page and through google.
If you are interested in our special offers give us a shout, We can le=
t you know what they are.=20
Yours Faithfully,=20

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