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Date:      Wed, 02 Jul 1997 13:43:57 +0100
From:      Abbas Karbassian <>
Subject:   Problem with window Manager
Message-ID:  <>

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ear Sir;

I recently have installed FreeBsd 2.2.1 on my PC.

I stared the OLWM window manager on my PC I have seen the following

1 - As soon as I started the xconsole message appeared on the 
console monitor saying "Could Not open Console".

2 - I open the command tool sucessfully. Then I tried editing a file
using "vi" editor the command tool window crashed only, but not the 
window manager.

When I exit the window manager I saw the following messages on the

system warning: No file or directory, Extra menue file /usr/lib/
./usr/X11R6/lib/ .txt_extra_menue (Textsw package) "

make sure that you can write /var/run/utmp! (null): undefined symbol
"_cfree" called from cmdtool: /usr/X11R6/lib/ at

Then I used another window manager (OLVWM) and I opend the menue and I
could not see and option within the menue, and the whole window manager
crashed and casused a olvwm.core file and the follwoing messages
appeared on the screen.

June 30 07:32:32 myname /kernel: cmd_xF86_s3 pid 211 tried to use
non_present SYS VSHM

June 30 07:32:32 myname /kernel: pid (olvwm), uid 1000:exited on signal
11 (core dumped) segmentation fault-coredumped.

Could you please be kind enough to advise me what I need to do in order
to get both window manager working properly

Thanks in advance for your help


Mr Abbas Karbassian

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