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Date:      Mon, 08 Jun 2015 19:54:20 +0100
From:      Frank Leonhardt <>
Subject:   Re: jails
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On 07/06/2015 14:55, Baho Utot wrote:
> I have FreeBSD 10.1 and trying to setup a jail according to the handbook:
>    15.3. Creating and Controlling Jails
> |#|  *|setenv D/|/staorage/jails/crochet|/|*
> |#|  *|mkdir -p $D|*
> |#|  *|cd /usr/src|*
> |#|  *|make buildworld|*
> |#|  *|make installworld DESTDIR=$D|*
> |#|  *|make distribution DESTDIR=$D|*
> |#|  *|mount -t devfs devfs $D/dev|*

Your question has already been answered, but you might also like to know...

The make buildworld stuff isn't strictly necessary, but it's always 
documented that way for some reason. I believe running buildworld from 
time to time is somehow good for the soul.

In reality you can just copy all the files from a working FreeBSD 
installation in to the directory of your choice, call it an jail and it 
will probably run quite happily, assuming its binary compatible. This is 
fantastically useful. If you do build a "clean" installation as above, 
tar it before you run it so you can (a) restore it if you make a mess 
inside the jail; (b) make a extra jail VMs quickly. You can also clone a 
jail simply by copy the directory and adding an appropriate config file 

Regards, Frank.

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