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Date:      Wed, 10 Jan 2007 15:10:11 +0800
From:      "maxine_chen" <>
To:        "'Piotr KUCHARSKI'" <>
Subject:   RE: problem with 4T volume under FreeBSD
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Dear Piotr,

1. Model SB-3160SI, when to create Volume size, there're options to set
stripe size as 64K, 128K, 512K, factory default for stripe size is 64K.
The meaning of stripe size is to set up the block size when controller
read/write data.
If you didn't change the setting about stripe size, then we assumed it's
still remained 64K.
So when you give dd command to check data read/write by 64K per sector,
this is to match stripe size / block size, and the result is no
But when you give dd command to check data read/write by 72K per sector,
this is over 64K block range, and this is why you found the result is
likely different.

Please note, once the Volume set is created, to change stripe size will
cause Volume re-format and data lost. So if you are interested to
continuously test the unit by dd command, we suggest you to try 128K or

SB-3160SI working with Adaptec 29160 has no problem to support volume
greater than 2TB.

2. The setting of HTTP port lost is caused by firmware upgrade.
Please use RS232 cable and connect to Monitor port of controller.
Login controller console by "admin", password "00000000".
Then you may go and change HTTP port as you wish.

Best regards,
Maxine Chen
Assistant Manager / Overseas Sales Dept.
Proware Technology Corp.
Tel: +886-2-2914-8001 ext: 222
Fax: +886-2-2914-7975
Mobile: +886-933747435

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From: Piotr KUCHARSKI [] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2007 9:51 PM
To: maxine_chen
Subject: Re: problem with 4T volume under FreeBSD

On Tue, Jan 09, 2007 at 05:50:52PM +0800, maxine_chen wrote:
> 1. Regarding to the question about the difference between 72K and 64K
> Please see your comments below that when you did simple test, you
> bs=64k and bs=72k, what did you mean "yielded different results",
> the difference?

Oh. It's just that md5 sums are different when I've been writing
72k chunk. How different doesn't matter now, does it?

To explain further:
> >   # dd if=/dev/random of=/tmp/test.rand bs=72k count=1

This creates /tmp/test.rand file, 72kB in size, filled with random

> >   # dd if=/tmp/test.rand of=/dev/da6p2 bs=72k count=1

This writes 72kB block of data, taking source from the file and
it on the disk.

> >   # dd if=/dev/da6p2 bs=72k count=1 | md5

This reads that 72kB block of data back  from the disk and calculates
sum of it.

> >   # md5 /tmp/test.rand

This calculates md5 sum of the file used as source for writing to the
If all were fine, those md5 sums would be the same (as is the case when
writing 64kB chunks).

I could not test with different controller, though. :(
If you have freebsd with different controller and such array and writing
above 2TB barrier works fine for you, this would indicate it is not the
problem with the Simbolo and I will try to get different controller.

> 2. From the panel :
> The way to configure or monitor SB-3160SI is by LCD panel, GUI manager
> via Ethernet port, or console via monitor port.
> By the following link you may download SB-3160SI digital manual for
> details.

I know all that. :)

> If you want to see the setting or the status of SB-3160SI, I will
> suggest you to use cross-over Ethernet cable to connect to R-link port
> and login GUI manager.
> Default IP of R-link is :
> Default user "admin", password "00000000".

I don't have a problem with that, too. :)

> 3. Re IP change :
> When you are able to login GUI manager, please go to "EtherNet
> Configuration" and you will be able to change IP for HTTP and Telnet.

And I know, how to change that as well. :) 

Issues I found were only with LCD panel menu slight deficiency, which I
no problems resolving in other way (via serial console, to be exact),
just thought I would mention it to you, perhaps you would consider them
for fixing (especially being unable to set http port after upgrade when
it's default "0", not "80", was weird experience).
Thanks for the answer, though. :)


Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his
heart he dreams himself your master.   -- Commissioner Pravin Lal

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