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Date:      Wed, 23 Nov 2011 11:43:24 -0600
From:      "Edwin L. Culp W." <>
To:        Ian Smith <>,,  Edward Martinez <>
Subject:   Re: where to ask about problems with bsdinstall in 9.0RC2?
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On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 10:27 AM, William Bulley <> wrote:
> According to Ian Smith <> on Tue, 11/22/11 at 23:48:
>> Sorry William, this arrived not long after I crashed, 18-hour odd time
>> difference .. I've since seen Frank Shute advise how to csup from 8.2-S
>> to RELENG_9_0 and in your case that's likely the easiest way to go.
> Sorry about the time difference - not much I can do about that... =A0:-)
>> As you see, you got exactly the same error I got with BETA1, and for the
>> same reason - bsdinstall isn't running newfs on your existing partitions
>> before trying to extract the distribution. =A0I thought that was going t=
>> be fixed before release, but clearly not yet. =A0It really needs the new=
>> toggle option of sysinstall/sade before it'll be useful as sysinstall.
>> The docs are very much a work in progress. =A0Even sysinstall requires y=
>> to at least enter the mountpoints for your existing partitions (within a
>> slice); they're needed for install and of course to build /etc/fstab.
>> In my case, wanting to preserve /home, seems I'll have to NOT supply a
>> mountpoint for that partition in order for it to be left alone, and then
>> add it into fstab afterwards, probably having to merge any newly created
>> user there from /usr/home, revert the symlink etc. =A0Messy.
>> Did you try running sysinstall (or sade), just to do the slicing +
>> partitioning / newfs'ing from Live CD mode, only on DVD1 I guess?
>> In your case I think a source upgrade and building is probably the way
>> to go. =A0In my case, my 8.2 is on another slice (s4), but I want 9.0 on
>> s2, over an existing 7.4-RELEASE, because that slice has enough space
>> for a decent ongoing 9.x system, and because I'd hoped to contribute to
>> debugging bsdinstall - but then I moved and had no net access for nearly
>> a month. =A0Still, I'm persisting with that plan and I'll keep hassling
>> until this regression in functionality is fixed, for 9.1 now I guess.
> The third time is the charm!
> I was successful (and am now running 9.0-PRERELEASE!) with the upgrade
> of this older Dell laptop. =A0The first (failed attempt) was from 8.2-S
> to 9.x anything (turned out to be RC1 at the time). =A0This was a source
> upgrade (csup/buildworld/installworld) but failed during the compilation
> of the kernel.
> At this point I decided to just grab the DVD1 and install over my 8.2-S
> since I was not invested in anything on the disk (although I had csup'd
> the ports tree and was running Xorg successfully at that point). =A0The
> DVD1 ISO install of 9.0-RC1 was unsuccessful due to the oddness of the
> bsdinstall program as you describe above.
> At about this time RC1 was transitioning to RC2, so I decided to grab the
> bootonly RC2 ISO and yesterday ran into the same bsdinstall issues. =A0So
> I was forced to try the source upgrade again, hoping that by this time
> the kernel compilation problem had been fixed.
> Well, evidently it was, because the csup/buildworld/installworld method
> worked like a charm and I am now happily running 9.0-PRERELEASE. =A0Thank=
> for all the replies and suggestions. =A0I am going to try to avoid using
> bsdinstall like the plague and I advise others to do likewise, at least
> until it becomes more mature. =A0It seems to me that the inclusion of the
> bsdinstall program as the default installer in 9.0 is illadvised at best.
Amen.  I share that opinion.  I have never had problems or even been
confused with the old installer and have used it since the beginning.
I have heard that  pcBSD has a great new graphic installer and thought
it was going to be included in releng_9 but it seems as though it
isn't.  I understand that you can use it for FreeBSD through the pcBSD
dvd but haven't looked at it.  If anyone likes it and has a link to
some basic docs, it would be great if you would share them.  If not, I
personally prefer the old one as an option, if possible.

> Regards,
> web...
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> William Bulley =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 Email: web@umich.e=
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