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Date:      Wed, 27 Dec 2006 08:59:53 -0900
From:      Beech Rintoul <>
Cc:        Perttu Laine <>
Subject:   Re: change password without shell access
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On Wednesday 27 December 2006 08:34, Perttu Laine wrote:
> On 12/27/06, Derek Ragona <> wrote:
> >  That is the easy solution, as there are plug ins for the vacations and
> > password.  Otherwise you will need to roll your own.
> Easy solution for admins - yes. Not for users. Running another webmail ju=
> password change is not option. What I need is like interface for just
> changing password and nothing else. Or possibly interface where you can
> login and change password and/or .forward. I know how we can do this other
> way (moving webmail to mailserver or forwarding all mail to mailboxes in
> shell-server), but I'm looking solution to solve this problem without
> changing current webmail/mail-system.
> But seems like answer to my question is: there are no software for this
> available ready to run.

You could use webmin (in the ports) It might be a bit of overkill, but it w=
do what you want. Access can be set per user.


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