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Date:      Sat, 16 Sep 1995 18:02:13 -0500
From:      "Daniel M. Eischen" <>
To:        elredmon@MIT.EDU,
Subject:   Re: fortran
Message-ID:  <>

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>I have never used FreeBSD before and I have a couple questions before I try to.
>I use a very large fortran program and was wondering if the fortran available
>with FreeBSD is a native fortran or if it is g77 or simply the use of f2c plus
>gcc ?

I hate to say it, but I'm using g77 right now for a project at work.  G6777 is
available as a package from FreeBSD 2.0.5 onward I believe.  Just ftp it
from the archive, pkg_add it, (make sure to add /usr/lib/libexec to your
PATH) and you should be all set.

A couple little nits, probably nothing to do with FreeBSD, but more with the
GNU compiler...  I found it rather hard to make C system calls from Fortran -
I ended up writing C wrappers for every system call I needed to make from
FORTRAN.  This has to do with the paramter passing differences between
C and FORTRAN.  I also had a problem with the symbol names generated by
G77 - they all had one or two extra underscores after them and I had to 
end the names of the C wrapper functions with underscores.  Time was a
constraint, so I didn't try to figure it out.  I also could not get the
linker (ld) to bind the object files together.  Instead I used the G77
compiler to link and that worked fine!

I have to give credit to the FreeBSD team.  We've got a pretty decent size
FOTRAN program built, running as a client, and communicating via TCP/IP
to a server.  The best part is that it compiles faster on a 486/50MHz
FreeBSD machine (running X, MOTIF, networking, etc) than it does on an
HP 9000/720.  Hmm, I should see how fast they run.

I'm not that familiar with FORTRAN, but if you have any other questions,
we can take this offline, and I can try to answer any questions you have.

Dan Eischen

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