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Date:      Thu, 10 Jul 1997 14:02:16 +1000
To: (Reply Requested)
Subject:   Re: Adaptec 2940UW hang with multiple Wide SCSI Disks - FreeBSD 2.2.2
Message-ID:  <"970710040210Z.WT05849.  0*/PN=Wayne.Farmer/OU=CORPHQ/O=DPIE/PRMD=AUSGOVDPIE/ADMD=TELEMEMO/C=AU/"@MHS>

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I have had several responses indicating that no-one else has this problem.
I have gone back to square 1 again, souped up the SCSI card to do wide again 
and everything seems OK.

Maybe I did do a "newfs /dev/sd1?" instead of using the raw device (/dev/rsd1?)


PS I will go back to the bunker.

---------------------- Forwarded by Wayne Farmer/CORPHQ on 10/07/97 14:00 

owner-freebsd-scsi#064#FreeBSD.ORG - SMTPGATE@WT400 on 10/07/97 10:33:30
To:	freebsd-scsi#064#FreeBSD.ORG - SMTPGATE@WT400
Subject:	Adaptec 2940UW hang with multiple Wide SCSI Disks - FreeBSD 2.2.2

I think I read recently that doing a "newfs" on a wide SCSI disk with an 
Adaptec 2940UW hangs the system (a deadlock ?)

I can concur with this and confirm that turning off wide negotiation in the 
SCSI setup seems to correct this.

3 questions :

1)  Does anyone have any more info on this
2)  Is there updated driver code I can include in the kernel build
3)  Having "newfs"-ed, would turning back on wide negotiation lead to more 
problems similar to the "newfs" problem



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