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Date:      Wed, 10 Jan 2007 14:18:43 +0100
From:      Piotr KUCHARSKI <>
To:        maxine_chen <>
Subject:   Re: problem with 4T volume under FreeBSD
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On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 03:10:11PM +0800, maxine_chen wrote:
> 1. Model SB-3160SI, when to create Volume size, there're options to set
> stripe size as 64K, 128K, 512K, factory default for stripe size is 64K.
> The meaning of stripe size is to set up the block size when controller
> read/write data.
> If you didn't change the setting about stripe size, then we assumed it's
> still remained 64K.

I had that set to 128k.

> So when you give dd command to check data read/write by 64K per sector,
> this is to match stripe size / block size, and the result is no
> question.
> But when you give dd command to check data read/write by 72K per sector,
> this is over 64K block range, and this is why you found the result is
> likely different.

This must not work that way. Stripe size is array internal, neither user
nor operating system knows anything about that. (And it was only a trigger,
data corruption was happening with other writes, too.)

> SB-3160SI working with Adaptec 29160 has no problem to support volume
> greater than 2TB.

Did you actually tested it writing things above 2TB barrier, reading them
back and comparing MD5 sums? What OS was that? What device driver version?

> 2. The setting of HTTP port lost is caused by firmware upgrade.
> Please use RS232 cable and connect to Monitor port of controller.
> Login controller console by "admin", password "00000000".
> Then you may go and change HTTP port as you wish.

I know it is possible via RS cable, I did that that way. I was only
pointing out that it is not possible to change via LCD panel. It's up
to you whether you change that or not. :)
Anyway, thanks for your time.


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