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Date:      Thu, 8 Feb 1996 11:10:59 -0700
From:      Nate Williams <>
To:        "Jay L. West" <>
Subject:   Re: Several misc. questions on user mode PPP
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> User mode PPP seems to be running well here but there are a few things I am
> just plain curious about though.

If you are using iijPPP, I would make sure and get the patches Doug
Rabson just committed to the -stable tree as they greatly enhance the b
robustness of it.
> 1) I thought I had seen discussion in the mail list archives on doing 'arp'
> commands when using iijPPP on dial in lines. Is it really necessary or am I
> halucinating :))? Aren't arp entries added automatically via the ifconfig
> for the tunx devices anyway?

Sure, but the other machines on the same network don't have a route to
the box.

> 2) The link to my provider is started on boot. I'm using 'ppp -auto
> providername' and then 'ping -c 1 ip.address' in /etc/netstart. The ping
> times out before the connection is made, but it forces the startup (timeout
> is 0 in ppp.config). This seems a bit kludgey; is there a more elegant or
> standard way of starting a "dedicated" dialup link at boot time?

Not using iijppp.  You may want to get my 'ddial' patches to iijppp,
which cause it to always keep the link up, but they *require* the
stability patches above because it triggers some of the bugs it fixes.

> 3) In /etc/sysconfig, I ifconfig lo0, ed0, and tun0.

iijPPP auto-configures tun0, so there isn't a need to do that.

> Everything works fine,
> but why don't I have to add lines for tun1 through tunx? They seem to be
> ifconfig'ed automagically by iijPPP when an incoming ppp session starts. If
> that's the case, why do I even have to ifconfig tun0?

You don't.

> 4) In /etc/ppp/ppp.conf, each label has the appropriate 'ifaddr' entry. In
> /etc/ppp/ppp.linkup my providers entry has 'add 0 0 HISADDR' The other
> labels are present but have no entries at all. Why? This is working fine but
> I'm curious...

Because you're relying on your remote boxes to setup the addressing.


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