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Date:      Sun, 13 Jul 1997 16:39:51 -0400
From:      "Troy Settle" <>
To:        <questions@FreeBSD.ORG>, "John Drake" <>
Subject:   Re: getty
Message-ID:  <>

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From: John Drake <>
>recently i tried to  set my system upp so that i could dial into it.
>getty came as part of the system but i could not get it to work right.
>so i got mgetty instead (which was very easy to set up,,even for me!).
>but i was wondering,,getty is loaded everytime that i boot,,even
>though i dont use it.anyone know what file initializes getty???


>i tried /etc/rc but it wasnt that one.
>id really appreciate any help,,im afraid that having both of them
>initialize at boot may screw up everything!

You are running mgetty from /etc/ttys, aren't you?  If not, you should make
that change as soon as possible.  Also, if you were to try again, I'm sure
you could get getty set up for dial-in access.  All you need to do, is
uncomment a line in /etc/ttys, and set it for the correct gettytab entry.

>the only problem that i had with mgetty is that it wont let me dial
>anyone know if you are supposed to be able to dial out when mgetty is
>installed??(or did i  just mess up some where??)

It's been a long while since I've set up for a dial-in and dial-out on the
same port, but I believe there's a way.  I want to say that when you dial
out, mgetty will see it, and exit.  Then when it tries to respawn, it will
just exit when it sees that the device is locked.  Just remember that there
are different devices.  ttydX for incoming, and cuaaX for outgoing.

Troy Settle <>
Network Administrator, iPlus Internet Services

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