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Date:      Fri, 13 Oct 1995 20:37:08 -0400
From:      Thomas David Rivers <ponds!>
To:!, ponds!rivers
Subject:   Re: Dropping off mailing lists
Message-ID:  <199510140037.UAA08592@lakes>

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> >  I suffer from this every-now-and-then, but it is always associated 
> > with a mail problem between me an  When mail bounces back
> > to Majordomo; it removes you from the mailing list to prevent a 
>                ^^^^
> 	EXCUSE ME!  I am not an 'it'.  I am not 'Cousin It'.  PLEASE, 
> dont call me "it", cause "it" dont fit.
> 	really ;^)

 Opps - sorry, I had an idea that the removal from the list was automatic;
(I know with some listserv software it is...) I didn't know that was actually
an actual person handling the task :-)   [ Of course, without getting
too personal, one could argue that a gender-neutral pronoun was more
p.c. - but I'd prefer 'he' in that case... :-) ]

	- Dave Rivers -

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