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Date:      Wed, 6 Nov 1996 21:05:22 -0500
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I own a computer with 486 DX / 33MHz processor, 1.3 GB Hard Drive
that has only DOS and CD-ROM driver installed.

I am trying to install FREEBSD 4.4 on my computer and I am having all kinds
of problems;

1. The installation program does not recognize my CD-ROM drive ( Creative
Labs/ Sound Blaster) on the last step of the installation that asks for the
source of installation.

The CD-ROM works fine from the moment I initialize the “install” command
until the last step of the installation routine.

2. As a result I have had to option for installation from “ a DOS partition”.

I have created a new directory under DOS, C:\FREEBSD and I have copied all
the files under the D:\mists\bin from the CD to the new directory on C:\. (
minimum required for installation)

Then I followed all the steps described in the installation routine. At the
end of the routine I have two error messages:

		- the system can not find some other bin.... files - which I have corrected
by going back and copy                               from the CD into the
hard drive; I think I have  corrected since the file name not found is
changing                               after a copy the previous ones; it
does not seem to be a problem and eventually they all 			  will be copied.

		- the second message is that the installation routine could not find the
Kernel image file.

I have ignored the message and I finished installation; at the end the last
message is that I will not be able to boot from the hard drive.

3. Booting from the system from the hard drive brings up the boot
initialization routine over and over and the boot will not go any further.

Booting from a boot diskette is even worst; the boot routine goes into a hard
drive check that never ends. ( it checks cylinders and heads ... that gets
stuck on cylinder 46).

I can use all the help I can get......


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