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Date:      Thu, 12 Apr 2012 12:40:51 +1000
From:      Da Rock <>
Subject:   Re: FTP oddness, over SSH session.
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On 04/11/12 21:51, Dave B wrote:
> FreeBSD FBSD.67MK181QZ 8.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE #0:
> Wed Apr 14 22:55:09 BST 2010
> root@FBSD.67MK181QZ:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/PPSGENERIC  i386
> Hi.
> I have a small FreeBSD 8.0 system (above, yes I know, not current, but it
> works.) That is mainly used for timekeeping with an attached PPS equipped
> GPS.  No problems with that.
> It also has a small web server (Hiawatha) FTP server and SSH portal, for
> my own use.
> The FTP "server" is the built-in OS based ftpd implementation, and works
> well for all that I need.
> Anyway...  I found a while ago, that I can tunnel connections into my
> home LAN via a SSH session to my FreeBSD box, from outside the LAN using
> PuTTY (on Windows XP) from wherever I am.  It's been a useful dodge for
> me to do that so as to VNC to other boxes that are there.   The needed
> SSH working port, is not the usual suspect, it's way up high, well away
> from script kiddies etc.
> I just found however, that though I can reliably send a file to the FTP
> server and it get's saved just fine, that's not true when connecting this
> way using a SSH tunnel.
> Over the SSH session, (using Passive Mode, with all needed ports
> forwarded, plus the FTP daemon's data port usage restricted to the same
> range as those tunneled.)  Though the FTP process appears to work OK,
> with no errors, the file sent to and deposited on the server ends up as
> name only, and zero bytes in length.
> Oddly, I can successfully create a new folder on the FTP server over the
> SSH session using the FTP client, and that works just fine.
> The FTP client I'm using, is the same FileZilla both times. (V3.1.0.1  I
> may go look for any updates, just in case.)
> Downloading works fine regardless of how I connect, it's just uploading
> that's screwey.  I suspect (as usual) it's a rights issue, but even if I
> su - root after the initial SSH login, it changes nothing.

I'd check the ports you are forwarding over ssh. Two ports are required 
for ftp and it sounds like one is blocking for some reason- the control 
channel seems to be working fine though :)
> The FTP user is a different name from who I'm logged in as by SSH, is
> that the issue?    But what confuses me, is that it works from this same
> PC, if it's on the home LAN, using the same FTP user credentials.
> I'm obviously lacking in my understanding of something, but what?
> I may not get to see any replies for a day or three, as I've got to head
> off across country for work later, and it's not yet known if tonight's
> hotel even has WiFi, or if there is decent mobile coverage where I'm
> going.   (Out in the Wiltshire sticks. UK, and I'm stuck with Orange.)
> Thanks in advance.
> Dave B
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