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Date:      Fri, 15 May 2015 14:38:06 -0700
From:      Jeffry Killen <>
To:        James Keener <>
Cc:        jd1008 <>,
Subject:   Re: Downloaded dvd1.iso and burned to dvd but ?
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On May 15, 2015, at 1:21 PM, James Keener wrote:

>>> It has Debian Linux
>>> on it already. But all I got from the attampt to mount the
>>> DVD was a blinking cursor that lasted about 30 seconds,
>>> then it gave up and when to the system boot.
>> The OP already said he was unable to mount it.
> Not that it matters because OP fixed their problem already and this is
> an extremely silly thing to be wasting bandwidth over, but OP said  
> they
> couldn't boot off the CD, not that an already booted system couldn't
> mount it.
> And quite frankly, it's not polite to chide someone trying to help
> unless they're offering patently wrong information or dangerous  
> steps to
> fix or diagnose an issue.  Feel free to offer your own diagnosis and
> inquire for additional information, but be polite.
> I mean, really, what does telling me "he already said that" (when he
> didn't, to top it off!) add to this conversation.  Would it not be
> better for OP to respond "I tried and it didn't work, as I said" than
> for you to attempt to act smart and haughty?  But seriously, what did
> your comment add to the conversation vs OP answering or no one saying
> anything at all?  Nothing, literally your comment added nothing and
> simply derailed a thread since it has no natural response. You didn't
> build on my supposed wrongness to help OP, you simply pointed out
> supposed wrongness and left it at that.
> One of the reasons I enjoy the FreeBSD community is that while often
> straight-forward, people are often polite and welcoming of those who
> have less knowledge and experience, and conversations move forward.
> Let's keep that vibe going. It's a good thing.
> Jim

O.K. op here;

This saga is ongoing:

Now I have the target machine set up and functional. It has an older
installation of FreeBSD. It also has a cd/dvd reader. I check the boot
priority in the bois to make sure that the first try would be to boot  
the cdrom. I got the blinking cursor, with a secondary blinking cursor
above it for about 5 seconds and then it booted into the old system.
I have long forgotten the login credentials so used cntrl-alt-del to  

When I burned the dvd, I was asked to give it a name. I called it
FreeBSDv10.1. Should I have included the extension: I.E. .iso?
Or is there some other recommended or necessary naming convention?
Or, is this irrelevant, and maybe I do have bad media or the  
formatting is

Thanks for responses.

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