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Date:      Thu, 30 Jun 2011 10:35:55 -0800
From:      Beech Rintoul <>
Cc:        "Jack L. Stone" <>
Subject:   Re: Horde webmail
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On Thursday 30 June 2011 09:19:33 Jack L. Stone wrote:
> Has anyone had any luck lately with installation and use of Horde -- either
> v-3.3 or ver-4 ??
> I've tried for days to get the 3.3 version (with apps IMP, INGO & Tuba) to
> work and noted that the ports say that horde4 is broken. I've googled many
> times and tried some examples from there, but most appear pretty old and
> not running with php5.3x.
> Is it just that Horde doesn't work with fbsd-7.x and php5.3x or is it me?

I am in the process of rewriting all the horde4 ports, as this is a very large 
project involving over 50 modules and libs it will take some time.

Horde4 does work very well with FreeBSD and you can do a pear install if you 
really need it now. Do keep in mind that horde4 is not backwards compatible 
with 3.x and the update procedures are not trivial.

That being said, this should get you started:


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