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Date:      Sun, 17 Sep 1995 00:01:23 -0500
From:      Jon Loeliger <>
To:        "Daniel M. Eischen" <>
Cc:        elredmon@MIT.EDU,
Subject:   Re: fortran 
Message-ID:  <>
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Apparently, "Daniel M. Eischen" scribbled:
> A couple little nits, probably nothing to do with FreeBSD, but more with the
> GNU compiler... 

Yep.  In fact, nothing to do with GNU's fortran compiler either.  The
"problems" you describe are all classic fortranisms (as found on UN*X).
The underscores are by convention, the fortran libraries usually don't
directly supply libc, fortran is pass by reference while C is value
and in order to get the link right, you need fortran's runtime libraries
for the IO system and *only* the compiler even vaguely knows how to
get that ld invocation right... :-)  (finger down throat).


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