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Date:      Thu, 8 Feb 1996 11:17:15 -0700
From:      Nate Williams <>
To: (Henry Stapp)
Subject:   Re: modem problems
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> I can't seem to get my internal modem to accept logins correctly. I've read
> the FAQ and the man pages and tried all sorts of things but it still doesn't
> work. 

Try reading the handbook.  It goes into detail on this.

> It's a USR sportster 28.8 on com 2. I can "cu" to it fine, and the
> configuration seems to be ok. I'm running getty on ttyd1 using
> std.57600 and dialup on.

I've got 5 of them running great in different settings.  Is the modem's
DTE speed hard-wired?

> I've managed to get the modem to answer but here's where things get wierd...
> Even though I have the speed set to 57600 (sp#57600) it connects with a
> CONNECT 2400 message, also, even though I have no parity set (np) I get
> garbage unless I set my comm. program to even parity. 

The connect speed is due to either having the speed of the line not
being set (see /etc/rc.serial), or simply having a bad phone line.

> Once the modem picks up I get the login: prompt. When I type in the username
> I get the Password prompt, but then the program hangs! Hitting return,
> escape etc has no effect. If I check ps on the system I see that the login
> program is still running.

This sounds like the modem and/or line is not setup right.

1) Is the DTE speed on the modem locked?
2) Is the modem setup for hardware handshaking?
3) Is the incoming line setup for 57600 baud and hardware handshaking
   (see /etc/rc.serial), as well as modem control lines.

Make sure that all of the above are set (and saved in the NVRAM on the
modem) and try it again.

I wrote up some modifications to the handbook in this area, but I
haven't recieved any feedback from the reviewers yet (hint, hint).


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