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Date:      Wed, 02 Jul 1997 11:01:36 -0500
From:      Ralph Rye <>
Subject:   New Kernel Build Questions 
Message-ID:  <>

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I am new to UNIX in the pc arena ( experienced with sparc stations &
hp900 systems), and I am attempting to build a custom kernel for FreeBSD
2.2.2 and I have some question regarding IRQ settings and and how pci
devices get assigned IRQ.

System layout
     Motherboard: TYAN TITAN III
                        Bios settings:
                                    LPT: IRQ 5   (Connected to Espon
Stylus Color)
                                    Serial Port1: Com 1 IRQ 4
(Connected to MS serial mouse)
                                    Serial Port2: Com 2 IRQ 3
(Connected to Epson line printer)
    SCSI Controller: Adaptec 2940 UW
              SCSI Devices: Seagate Barcoda 2.1 GB HD
                                      Exabyte 4200 4MM tape drive
    Video Card : PCI : STB Nitro 3D
    Modem Internel : Sporter X2  : Setting Com4 IRQ 2
    Sound Card : AWE32    Not currently pluged  in because I do not know
the settings
    CDROM : Creative IDE CDROM : connected to primary ide
    Floppy Drive : Generic 1.44 mb floppy

Question 1:
        In dmesg I see that lpt0 is at 0x278 IRQ 7 but my bois is set to
IRQ 5, should I change the IRQ setting in my kernel config to IRQ 5 or
change my bois. Also dmesg reports that vga0 is on IRQ 7 ( problems

Question 2:
        Does the pci devices automatically get assigned IRQ and
addresses that have not been used yet?  I.E. will the bios first look at
all of my devices that use IRQ and reserve those IRQ's and then assign
the remaining to the pci devices?

Question 3:
      What are the reserved IRQ's. It looks like the floppy is assigned
"6" and the IDE controller's get "14 & 15" and the system console is
assigned "1". Also I thought I read somewhere that IRQ 2 =9? ( My modem
is assigned IRQ "2")

Question 4:
       For my Creative Labs AWE32 sound which is plug & play how can I
find out the settings?

Thanks in advance.

-Ralph Rye

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