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Date:      Tue, 03 Jul 2007 16:29:40 +0200
From:      Dick Hoogendijk <>
Subject:   Re: flash
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Gerard <> writes:

> IMHO, this is one of the reasons that more users do not use
> alternative operating systems like FBSD.

FreeBSD needs native support from Adobe. Flash, although I dislike it,
is needed in modern web experience. Flash works very well on windows,
but also on linux and (luckely for me) solaris. No hassle, just
download the right flash file for my OS and it works. I hope this day
will come for FreeBSD too. I remember from my days using fbsd flash
was one of the annoying items to get working.

> I have seen too many individuals simply give up on the procedure and
> return to using Windows for browsing.

Hmm, that's their loss I guess. It won't take too long before browsing
in this OS becomes a real pain in**** due to malware. I never was
clean longer than a few minutes unprotected.

> A simple search of this forum will prove that point out. It just
> shouldn't have to be that complicated.

It can ruin the experience. You're right about hat.

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++ + Solaris 11 05/07 ++

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