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Date:      Thu, 07 Dec 1995 10:02:27 -0800
From:      Scott Blachowicz <>
Cc: (Jerry Alexandratos),
Subject:   Re: FS Help 
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> > Time for specifics.  At one point the DOS partition was read-write
> > instead of read-only.  Likewise, it was rw by a group of people (there
> > was some common work that needed to be done).  Could any of this be
> > giving me the problems of corrupting my FS?
> Yes.  Read only seems to be safe enough (seems not to damage other FS's)

No - read-only is not safe enough.  Or, at least, it wasn't for me.  I
kept getting corrupt BSD file systems until I stopped mounting my DOS
partitions altogether.  It seems to be related to my having used FIPS to
shrink the DOS partition down and the FBSD msdosfs not being able to
handle what FIPS did to the FAT table, which I _think_ is a problem in
msdosfs, not in FIPS.  DOS, Windows, NT and Linux all appear to handle the
DOS partitions just fine.  I almost decided to return the FreeBSD 2.0.5 CD
when I ran across that, but I decided I could live without access to my
DOS slices from FreeBSD and I liked FreeBSD enough to keep it.

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