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Date:      Thu, 22 Aug 1996 12:27:55 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Brian Tao <>
To:        michael dorin <>
Subject:   Re: System Tuning for Apache (FreeBSD ver2.1)
Message-ID:  <>
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On Wed, 21 Aug 1996, michael dorin wrote:
> I do plan on trying to set maxusers to 256 in the kernel build
> as well as CHILD_MAX=512 and OPEN_MAX=512.

    That should be plenty.

> I can't find where I change SOMAXCONN or NMBCLUSTERS.

    I forget what SOMAXCONN is in 2.1.0, but in recent snapshots
(2.2), it is set by default to 128.  Again, that should be plenty for
your needs.  To increase the number of mbuf clusters, add this to your
kernel config file:

options         "NMBCLUSTERS=4096"

    "netstat -m" will tell you how many mbuf clusters are in use and
how many have been allocated.  They use up RAM though, so don't go
crazy with them.  I believe the default is 1024, so don't bother
increasing them unless "netstat -m" consistently shows that you are
hitting that limit.

> I have a system based on 72 Meg of ram,

    Did you configure your kernel to use all 72 megs (the MAXMEM
option in the kernel config)?

> NE2000 network card.  Are these really that bad?  Pentium 100 Mhz.

    I prefer the SMC PCI Ethernet controllers myself.  Your hardware
should be able to support 400,000 to 500,000 hits a day (which is a
long way off from the 3000/day you have now ;-) ).
Brian Tao (BT300,,
Senior Systems and Network Administrator, Internet Canada Corp.
"Though this be madness, yet there is method in't"

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