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Date:      Mon, 21 Nov 2016 11:29:36 +0100
From:      "John W. Kitz" <>
To:        "'freebsd-arm'" <>
Subject:   RE: Creating FreeBSD/arm bootable SD card for Cubieboards from FreeBSD 11.0 image files for Wintel only users.
Message-ID:  <000001d243e2$2d4b5fb0$87e21f10$>
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For the time being I'll stick with trying it on a cubieboard2 first. =
Thanks for your offer to help should I decide to go with the =
cubieboard3, it's very likely I'll have additional questions as things =
progress, for the time being thanks for the information provided to me =
so far.

If I understand the future plans you've outlined correctly, I'd say from =
a more or less end-user perspective that would be ideal.

It looks like a lot of progress was made through the collective efforts =
of many since this relatively cheap hardware first caught my attention =
back in October of 2013 (see =

Regards, Jk.

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