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Date:      Sun, 30 Apr 1995 21:59:10 -0700
From:      "Jordan K. Hubbard" <>
To:        Julian Elischer <>
Cc: (Christopher Shmitty Smith),,,
Subject:   Re: Ported FreeBSD -> Linux Problems 
Message-ID:  <>
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> I've answered this..
> jordan, did you know the slackware crew had filled up their
> cdrom set with FreeBSD Binaries?
> they must have been desperate for things to put in it?

That wasn't the slackware crew, it was TransAmeritech (who are NOT the
Slackware crew - that's Patrick Volkerding, and he has nothing to do
with TransAmeritech.  I deleted this mail without answering it as I
have absolutely no time to deal with Linux's port problems on top of
the ones I already have with FreeBSD's ports, sorry!  If the Linux
folks take our packages, and they're always more than welcome to do
so, then I expect them to SUPPORT their own.  In this case, it's
TransAmeritech who should be supporting their customer, not I.  This
is only fair since I don't catch them answering many FreeBSD tech
support questions! :-)


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