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Date:      Mon, 29 Dec 2003 14:18:25 -0700
From:      Brett Glass <>
To:        Charles Swiger <>
Subject:   Re: Burning DVD-R's
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At 01:42 PM 12/29/2003, Charles Swiger wrote:

>Yes, FreeBSD can burn DVD-R's.  Please see /usr/ports/sysutils/dvd+rw-tools.

I've taken a look at this port. Unfortunately, it's REALLY hard to
figure out the documentation (which consists of a few Web pages written
in very contorted -- almost unreadable -- English). From what I can tell, 
though, this software is really meant to work with DVD+R, which records
a little more than half as fast as DVD-R. I need the speed, and so need
to make sure it really works with DVD-R. 

Also, it looks as if this port runs on top of another utility called 
"cdrecord", which itself runs on top of an ATAPI-to-SCSI shim.
I'm worried that this ziggurat of utilities will not be anywhere near 
as reliable as a simple utility that goes directly to the ATAPI drive.
The code is also GPLed. I'm looking, if at all possible, for an all-BSD

Does such exist? The man page for FreeBSD's "burncd" command hints that
it can can write DVDs, but doesn't say how. 


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