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Date:      Sat, 11 May 2013 17:09:36 +0300
From:      "Vladislav Prodan" <>
Subject:   Re[2]: Tell me how to increase the virtual disk with ZFS?
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> On May 11, 2013, at 8:59 AM, "Vladislav Prodan" <> wrote:
> > Add another virtual disk and do a RAID0 - not an option. It is not clear how to distribute the data from the old virtual disk to the new virtual disk.

> The other option would be to add an additional disk that is as large as you want to the VM, attach it to the zpool as a mirror. The mirror vdev will only be as large as the original device, but once the mirror completes resilvering, you can remove the old device and grow the remaining device to full size (it may do that anyway based on the setting of the auto expand property of the zpool. The default under 9.1 is NOT to autoexpand:
> root@FreeBSD2:/root # zpool get autoexpand rootpool
> rootpool  autoexpand  off     default
> root@FreeBSD2:/root # 

I did not realize that there was such an interesting and useful option :)

# zpool get autoexpand tank
tank  autoexpand  off     default

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