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Date:      Tue, 10 Apr 2001 01:21:28 -0400
From:      Mike Nowlin <>
Subject:   Re: multi-subnet windows file sharing?
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On  0, wrote:
> Hi guys, sorry about this question on this board, but I haven't met a=20
> microsloth person capable of answering my question.
> I have a freebsd box with 5 interfaces.  1 is used to connect to a=20
> cable modem.  The other 4 cards connect to internal networks.
> --- ed0 --- freebsd4.2 box --- fxp0 =3D
>                            --- fxp1 =3D
>                            --- fxp2 =3D
>                            --- ex0 =3D
> On the 10.0/16 network exists a Windows 2000 professional/workstation=20
> machine with a printer.  Can I use ipfw forwarding rules, or some other=
> method, to allow clients on the other subnets to print to this server?
> I guess this means forwarding all sort of broadcast crap as well, but I=
> haven't done any sniffing yet.  I'm kind of hoping that somebody else=20
> out there has already done this.  Do people think the MS box will cope,=
> or will NAT be the go?

Just did this not too long ago...  Best way I've found is to run Samba (in
the ports) on the router - it doesn't need to offer any services, but it's a
much cleaner way (and friendlier to Windeath) of doing this kind of thing.
Basically, Samba can act as a domain master browser and "spread the word"
about shares offered on other subnets. =20

There's a big section on doing this in the Samba docs...


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