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Date:      Tue, 24 Mar 2009 15:09:41 -0500
From:      Kevin Kinsey <>
To:        Christoph Kukulies <>
Subject:   Re: phpBB3, php5 and mysql
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Christoph Kukulies wrote:
> I'm in the process of moving a phpBB3 forum to a new machine (formerly 
> 5.2, now 7.1).
> I also was so keen to move to php5 (was running php4 before, I believe).
> I have the phpBB3 forum directory copied back into the DocumentRoot.
> Mysql 4.1 is running, The database is there, I can log in to mysql and 
> view the database.
> I can get phpinfo.
> Only I can't get the hell out of the phpBB3 forum. When I invoke the 
> index.php
> I get a blank page with an incomplete xml header. I have no idea were to 
> look at the moment.

Wherever PHP places its errors?  On my installations, it's
/var/log/httpd_error_log.  This might be configurable via
PHP's ini file, or PHP's ini_set(), or from the system's 
syslog.conf ... not certain.
> It looks a bit like php5 is not accessing the database (mysql) or 
> something. Is there some module
> or driver to be compiled in? I installed php5 now from ports with the 
> apache mod_php5 module
> being installed.

PHP is great about telling what's wrong ... if it's configured
to do so.  Once you have an error message, it'll be easier to 
know how to fix it.

Kevin Kinsey
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