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Date:      Wed, 27 Sep 2006 13:22:44 +0800
From:      "JianMing Liu" <>
Subject:   I have a promble when i install FlashMediaServer2b for Linux
Message-ID:  <>

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*because the FlashMediaServer2b now still not support the freebsd ,so i have
to install the FlashMediaServer2b for Linux under my freebsd6.1 system,my
installation's infomation is under below:*

Please enter 'y' or 'n'.

Do you agree with the license agreement? (y/n): y

Macromedia Flash Media Server 2.0 requires approximately 25MB of

disk space.

The installer will install Macromedia Flash Media Server 2.0 in the

following directory

Default [/opt/macromedia/fms]: /usr/local/MFS2

The Macromedia Flash Media Server communicates on the IANA-assigned

port of 1935, which is the port most Flash applications expect.

Please enter the Macromedia Flash Media Server port

Default [1935]:

Please enter the port to use for the Admin service. You can only specify one

admin port.

Default [1111]:

The administrative user name and password you provide here is required to

the Macromedia Flash Media Server Management Console for

administration, monitoring, and debugging.

Please enter the administrative username: test

Please enter the administrative password:

Confirm password:

When the Macromedia Flash Media Server service is started, the service

can be run as a user other than "root". The server would change to this user

when the server is started and has acquired its ports.

Please enter the user that the Macromedia Flash Media Server service will
run as

Default user [nobody]: test

Please enter a valid user group for the "test" user: wheel

Do you want the Macromedia Flash Media Server service to run as a

daemon? (y/n)

Default [y]:

Do you want to start the Macromedia Flash Media Server

after the installation is done? (y/n)

Default [y]:

----------- Install Action Summary -----------

Installation directory         = /usr/local/MFS2

FMS Server Port                = 1935

FMS Admin Server Port          = 1111

Administrative username        = test

Administrative password        = (suppressed)

FMS owner                      = test

FMS service user               = test

FMS service user group         = wheel

FMS run as daemon              = Yes

Start FMS                      = Yes

Proceed with the installation? (y/n/q): y

*Installing Macromedia Flash Media Server files...*

*Configuring Macromedia Flash Media Server...*

*Adding "fms" service.*

*Setting default admin to "fms".*

*chgrp: test: Invalid argument*

*./installFMS: /sbin/chkconfig: not found*

*Setting autostart for "fms".*

*Server:fms command:start*

*getconf: no such configuration parameter `GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION'*

*./server: 49: Syntax error: Bad substitution*

*Admin server:fmsadmin command:start*

*./adminserver: 40: Syntax error: Bad substitution*

* *
*The Macromedia Flash Media Server installation is complete.*

I have install the Linux_base-rh-9,but still have such mistake .

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