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Date:      Wed, 11 Sep 2002 08:29:00 -0300
From:      "Daniel C. Sobral" <>
To:        Luigi Rizzo <>
Cc:        ipfw@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: ipfw2 vs. ipfw1 and 4.7
Message-ID:  <>
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Luigi Rizzo wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 03:54:22PM -0300, Daniel C. Sobral wrote:
>>Luigi Rizzo wrote:
>>>now that the release of 4.7 is approaching, i would really appreciate
>>>if you could give ipfw2 a try and see whether it breaks anything
>>>in your rulesets. Also have a look at the manpage highlighting the
>>>differences between ipfw1 and ipfw2 to see if your rulesets can be
>>>simplified/made more efficient.
>>I love ipfw2, even though the breakage of fwd caused me a huge headache. 
> which reminds me, i have to fix the byte order in port numbers in
> fwd actions...
>>As a side note, the man page mentions that 32 sets are available, but 
>>set 31 is illegal when I try to use it (and sometimes produce very weird 
>>results indeed).
> i guess i have to clarify the wording -- the manpage says
>              Each rule is associated to a set_number in the range 0..31, with
>              the latter reserved for the default rule.  Sets can be individu-
> with wich i meant to say that you cannot use set 31 for anything else,
> nor disable it.
> What "weird results" were you seeing ?

I printed a funny error message, I didn't try to track it down, though. 
I use a complex set of shell functions to simplify my rules-writting (in 
fact, the convertion to or-rules was easily done, with no modifications 
required of the rules themselves). What I recall clearly was a weird 
number (16-something -- five or six digits long). That was produced at 
the beginning of my rules, in which I disabled and deleted set 31 (my 
script now adds all rules in a disabled set, and swap it with the main 
set only if all rules are added succesfully).

> 	cheers
> 	luigi

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