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Date:      Wed, 26 Feb 97 22:38:52 +0000
To:        SimsS <SimsS@IBM.Net>
Cc:        Hackers <>
Subject:   Re(2): Building PAO kernel on non-PAO system
Message-ID:  <"2818-970226224035-BC18*/G=Andrew/S=Gordon/O=NET-TEL Computer Systems Ltd/PRMD=NET-TEL/ADMD=Gold 400/C=GB/"@MHS>
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> I think you missed my point - It's not possible (or I'm not smart enough to
> know how) to build, say, 2.1.7, 2.2 *AND* -current kernels on a single
> "super
> server" and then blow them out amongst the unsuspecting users depending on
> their needs (and possibly their threshold for pain).  Can such a thing be
> done?  Obviously, I can build different *configurations* of a single
> release
> version, but I can't (easily) have different versions of the OS all build
> from the same source tree.

I have had success in the past with working in a chroot environment.
My reason for wanting to do this was that I had a fast-ish machine
used for real work and hence running -stable, plus an old 386sx
available for hacking on, clearly quite unsuitable for doing 'make world'!

Since I was adding an extra drive to hold the -current sources,
I took the easy option for getting it initialised: I just used sysinstall
to do a basic install, such that the new drive contained a bootable
system.  I then did as follows:

mount the new drive as /current
install -current source on /current/usr/src
chroot /current
cd /usr/src
make world
build kernel

On the 386:
NFS mount big_machine:/current/usr/src on /usr/src
cd /usr/src
make install

The only minor snag I ran into was that 'make install' left
/usr/include/* as symlinks into the /usr/src, which needed to be
undone if I didn't want to leave the NFS mounts in place permanently.

Maybe there are other snags, but it was remarkably painless for me.

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