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Date:      Fri, 20 Apr 2001 09:08:22 -0700
From:      "David O'Brien" <obrien@FreeBSD.ORG>
To:        =?iso-8859-1?Q?Joachim_Str=F6mbergson?= <>
Cc:        freebsd-hackers <freebsd-hackers@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   Re: x86-64 Hammer and IA64 Itainium
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In-Reply-To: <>; from on Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 01:20:35PM +0200
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On Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 01:20:35PM +0200, Joachim Strömbergson wrote:
> > Yes.  I now have a copy of the Virtutech Simics x86-64 simulator.
> Pretty good. I know some of the core team at Virtutech and emailed them
> about the possibility of getting access to VirtuHammer for the FreeBSD
> project. But, if I undestand what you are saying, then you are waay
> ahead of me. :-)

I just have one copy.  More copies could be useful.

> Have anyome tried running the AMD ISS under FreeBSD? I was planning to
> but the rpm and rpm2cpio ports seems to be broken right now.

They are?  Have you emailed describing the breakage?
> BTW, David, You had used the emulator. Could you mention what emulator
> it is, or is it under NDA?

Both of them.  At least I'm only aware of two in existance.

-- David  (

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