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Date:      Thu, 27 Jun 2002 13:12:01 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Jaime <>
Subject:   ipfw fwd and bridging
Message-ID:  <>

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	I'm trying to put a new FreeBSD 4.6 firewall + filtering proxy
into the network at my job.  (Damn CIPA....)  I tried to do this with
bridging, but I couldn't get "ipfw add 10000 fwd,8080 tcp from
any to any 80" to work the way that I expected.  The man page seems to
indicate that fwd and bridge are incompatible.  Is this true?

	I ended up re-designing the firewall as a routing firewall and
used ipfw fwd --> transproxy --> dansguardian --> squid.  Now the
/var/log/dansguardian.log file lists all requests as coming from
for obvious reasons.  This means that I can't use
/usr/local/etc/dansguardian/exceptioniplist to allow certain computers to
bypass the web filters.  So I'd kind of like to remove transproxy, too.
:)  Not an ipfw issue per se, but if anyone out there has some pointers
I'd love to hear them.  :)


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