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Date:      Mon, 04 Dec 1995 01:46:02 -0600
From:      John Goerzen <>
To:        "Jordan K. Hubbard" <>
Cc:        Robert Du Gaue <>, Robert Watson <>, Michael Smith <>,
Subject:   Re: ****HELP***** 
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> > It would be better if the installer would just:
> >  1) Overwrite older versions of programs with the newer versions
> >  2) Delete any obsoleted programs (and preferably make symlinks to the 
> >     newer ones)
> >  3) Add new files to existing system
> Unfortunately, the raw materials that the installer has to work with
> (distributions) aren't nearly that easily applicable to the more
> general problem you'd like me to solve.  Only a filestore that allows
> me to do file by file operations will allow for this kind of
> intelligent merge.  A split, gzip'd tar file is not that kind of
> filestore.

I'm not very much of a Unix expert at all, but it seems to me that problem #1 
could easily be solved (the know binaries simply overwrite the old ones -- 
assuming the have the same name, as most do).  #3 also, it just extracts the 
tar.gz'd files, no problem there.

#2 is a different story.  Probably all it would take, though, is a list of 
files to be deleted if exist.  One filename per line, and a simple program to 
delete it.  I'd be willing to write such a program if necessary.  Perhaps a 
checksum or something would be good as well....

> I'm happy, as always, to accept contributions of code that help
> solve these problems! :-)

Let me know on #2 via e-mail (not on this list) if you want me to throw 
together a C program....

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