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Date:      Sat, 18 May 2013 07:21:47 +0000
From:      Ivailo Tanusheff <>
To:        "" <>, Liste FreeBSD <>
Subject:   RE: ZFS install on a partition
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If you use HBA/JBOD then you will rely on the software RAID of the ZFS syst=
em. Yes, this RAID is good, but unless you use SSD disks to boost performan=
ce and a lot of RAM the hardware raid should be more reliable and mush fast=
I didn't get if you want to use the system to dual boot Linux/FreeBSD or ju=
st to share FreeBSD space with linux.
But I would advise you to go with option 1 - you will get most of the syste=
m and obviously you don't need zpool with raid, as your LSI controller will=
 do all the redundancy for you. Making software RAID over the hardware one =
will only decrease performance and will NOT increase the reliability, as yo=
u will not be sure which information is stored on which physical disk.

If stability is a MUST, then I will also advise you to go with bunch of poo=
ls and a disk designated as hot spare - in case some disk dies you will rel=
y on the automation recovery. Also you should run monitoring tool on your r=
aid controller.
You can also set copies=3D2/3 just in case some errors occur, so ZFS can au=
to0repair the data. if you run ZFS over several LUNs this will make even mo=
re sense.=20

Best regards,
Ivailo Tanusheff

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Subject: ZFS install on a partition


I have a question regarding ZFS install on a system setup using an Intel Mo=

This system runs various flavor of FreeBSD and Linux using a shared pool (L=
These LUNs have been configured in RAID 6 using the internal controller (LS=
I logic).=20

So from the OS point of view there is just a volume available.=20

I know I should install a system using HBA and JBOD configuration - but unf=
ortunately this is not an option for this server.=20

What would you advise ?=20

1. Can I use an existing partition and setup ZFS on this partition using a =
standard Zpool (no RAID).=20

2. Should I use any other solution in order to setup this (like full ZFS in=
stall on disk using the entire pool with ZFS).=20

3. Should I avoid using ZFS since my system is not well tuned and It would =
be asking for trouble to use ZFS in these conditions.=20

P.S. Stability is a must for this system - so I won't die if you answer "3"=
 and tell me to keep on using UFS.=20


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