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Date:      Mon, 6 Nov 2006 22:45:24 -0500
From:      "Bob Schwartz" <>
To:        <FreeBSD-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   (no subject)
Message-ID:  <000001c7021f$287ef880$0500a8c0@c1>

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First, I want to join the lists that you think are best for a highly
knowledgable and experienced PC/Windows user who knows little about unix.
Would you be so kind as to guide me, please?
I've selected freebsd for a number of reasons and purchased the power pack
that contains 6.1.
The install moves flawlessly to fdisk, but I don't understand the screen
print and options that the installation files offer when time to select
where to install bsd.
this workstation has two intallations of XP and a windows boot manager for
selecting them. Under no circumstances can we afford for this to be
disturbed (at least until we can finally get rid of windows forever!<g>).
The box drives are three 73 gig SAS' in a raid configuration. We also don't
want to disturb this.
I've put in an adaptec 2940 and a 146 gig SCSI drive...and this is the drive
I want to install bsd on and play with it to learn, but the installation
process does not appear to tell me how to install on this drive only..and
whether or not if I also install BSD's boot manager, I may disturb the one
windows is offering already.
How may I quickly get some help to understand the screen prints about the
drives (they do not appear in the install function in any form resembling
the numbers or sizes of drives this box actually has) and learn how to
install this and get a boot option but without effecting the windows boot
manager already there, please?
I really appreciate your time......
thank you.

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