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Date:      Sat, 14 Oct 1995 14:24:25 -0400
From: (dennis)
Subject:   Re: [ET-users] Re: T1 Card and FreeBSD
Message-ID:  <>

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>> >would you know the file it runs when a freebsd does a shutdown? I want to 
>> >put that line uust before it syncs the disks. In linux it was 
>> >/etc/rc.d/rc.0 but I can't see what freebsd uses. 
>> >
>> I don't know, I'm copying this to the freebsd list......
>> you could create a file called "doshutdown" like this
>> /usr/hdlc/utils/et5reset
>> shutdown
>> and use it instead of shutdown.....
>A quick look at the shutdown man page leads me to believe that there's
>no script run by shutdown.
>However, it should be possible to hack the shutdown source to do what
>you want.  I'm not a C expert, but it seems that you could fork another
>process that'd execute whatever scripts that you wanted and wait for

This sounds like way too much work. I would do the following:

mv /sbin/shutdown /sbin/shutdown.orig

and then create a batch file named /sbin/shutdown as to following:

/usr/hdlc/utils/et5reset   0
#/usr/hdlc/utils/et5reset   2        when you add another board

Another solution is to enable the "memory sharing" option in the config file
for the board. This will cause the shared memory window to be enabled only
when the memory is being accessed. There is a little overhead, but not much.
You may be using this to put multiple boards at the same address when you
add more boards anyway.

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