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Date:      Wed, 7 Mar 2012 13:11:59 -0600
From:      Andrew Gould <>
To:        David Jackson <>
Subject:   Re: Still having trouble with package upgrades
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On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 12:56 PM, David Jackson <> wrot=
>> This is irrelevant. =A0FreeBSD has these options because most of its
>> users are system administrators, developers or other types of geeks.
>> Serving these needs is a major part of what FreeBSD does. =A0That's why
>> we have the long standing motto: "FreeBSD - The power to serve".
>> People who don't want these things, and insist on fool-proof upgrades
>> will probably be happier running Windows, Mac OS X or some
>> distribution of Linux. =A0I've been around email lists long enough to
>> know that every operating system (MS Windows, Linux, etc) occasionally
>> has its update nightmares.
>> My advice to you is:
>> 1. Define your needs.
>> 2. Choose the best software to meet your needs.
>> 3. Choose the best operating system to run the software.
>> 4. Choose the best hardware to run the operating system.
>> If you've performed these steps out of order, you're unlikely to be happ=
>> Andrew
> You have just now declared complete indifference to and alienated about 9=
> of the potential user base and their needs, those who could care less abo=
> compiling source and messing with compiler options.

I disagree.  I have provided a process for you (or others) to make
better decisions regarding the selection of software, operating
systems and hardware.  How could the developers of any operating
system please everyone without watering down the excellent qualities
of their creation?  It is good that we have so many operating systems
from which to choose.  This allows operating systems to specialize in
their strengths and for users to prioritize their needs.

To the extent that you have discussed tools that are broken, I thank
you; and I hope you have reported the bugs.  I'm sure the tools will
be fixed.

Every open source operating system is created by developers who decide
the direction the operating system will take.  The operating system is
backed by its own community.  When you throw claims about most users
not wanting to compile applications from source code, it is clear that
you have not taken time to learn about the operating system, its
history or the culture of the community.  I encourage you to do so.


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