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Date:      Sat, 02 Nov 2002 20:29:52 -0800
From:      patrick gibson <>
To:        <>
Subject:   Re: MySQL Password not masked in process listings
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On 11/2/02 18:31, John Brooks wrote:

> use "-p" without a password, you will be prompted for it and the
> ps listing will not be displaying it then

I know I can do this -- but if I have a script which needs to connect to the
database, I would like to be able have a non-interactive connection. I'm
also aware that one can specify usernames and passwords in the ~/.my.cnf
file, but I connect to different databases with different passwords, so that
way would not really work for me either.

I'm just wondering if anyone has noticed this difference between running
MySQL on FreeBSD and Linux.


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>> Subject: MySQL Password not masked in process listings
>> I've been noticing that in FreeBSD, when I run the MySQL client with a
>> password specified on the command line (eg. mysql -pMyPassword MY_DATABASE),
>> the password is not masked when I (or any other user!) issue a "ps" or "w"
>> command.
>>> patrick 47724 ...  11:49AM   0:00.03 mysql -pMyPassword MY_DATABASE
>> I recently switched from Linux, and somehow it knew to mask
>> the password:
>>> patrick 47724 ...  11:49AM   0:00.03 mysql -p******* MY_DATABASE
>> Does anyone know if this is a FreeBSD issue, or is it a problem in the way
>> that MySQL is compiled for FreeBSD?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Patrick

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