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Date:      Thu, 7 Dec 1995 15:31:42 -0500
From:      "Paul F. Werkowski" <>
To:        John Dyson <>
Cc: (Steve Hovey),,,,
Subject:   Re: Any operational code using mmap() on FreeBSD ?
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>>>>> "John" == John Dyson <> writes:

    >>  MMAP under freebsd 2.05-R is broken.  I run an INN news server
    >> on 2.0.5R and if I compiled it using MMAP, the correct values
    >> were not maintained in the active file.  This problems occurred
    >> when usage got to the size that virtual ram swapping came into
    >> play.
    John> Yep, there are some problems -- the code in current is
    John> better.  The problem has to do with entirely bogus msync
    John> code. (That I wrote.)  Also, don't *even* think about using
    John> NFS and mmap for writable regions in 2.0.5.

	I have been running a Lisp system that relies on mmap
	for its dynamic space on 2.0.5 since the CDROM was released.
	Sometimes the VM gets to over 100 MB and with 16MB RAM
	the vm system really gets stressed. Never had a problem
	or a crash though. In fact I am overdue in congratulating
	the vm hackers for such a great system. Congrats!!!

	Now 1.1.5 was a different story altogether. 

Paul Werkowski				ANSI Common Lisp on Intel/FreeBSD?

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