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Date:      Thu, 4 Jan 1996 09:31:21 +0000 ()
From:      Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov <>
To: (Chuck Robey)
Subject:   Re: Small, tiny question.
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Chuck Robey" at Jan 4, 96 11:54:48 am

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> On Thu, 4 Jan 1996, Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov wrote:
> > Is there a quick guide to completely rebuilding the OS using the make world
> > mechanism of the source tree?  Any caveats that need to be known?  Anyone?
> > Anyone?  Bueller? :)   Any advice is appreciated!
> Take a look at the handbook, it's got a section on making your kernel 
> config file that's pretty useable.  Beware, if you have an older copy of 
> the handbook, it had a mistake in it that made many think it was ok to 
> drop the npx0 device.  It's a mandatory device, so don't disable it or 
> you just won't get a good compile (you'll get linking error messages).
> After you are happy with the config file, use the config utility to make 
> a build directory for it.  You MUST do it that way, because config does 
> many other things for you too.  Then cd into the directory that config 
> tells you it has created, do a make depend, then a make.  If you don't 
> see any error messages, you can install this new kernel in your system 
> with a make install.  If you then get a error rebooting and want to go 
> back to your old kernel, it's still there, just respond to the boot 
> prompt with the filename "kernel.old" and you'll be back where you were.  
> You might want to save that kernel.old then, to make room, because  a 
> second make install (of a fixed kernel) will write the bad kernel into 
> kernel.old.  I usually keep an 'emerg'ency file in my root, to which I 
> always copy my last good kernel, as a safety line.
> > 
> > 	-Alexei
> > 
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My english isn't so good;  I meant to ask:  How do you go about building 
the entire _OS_;  i.e., the shared libraries, and the utilities.  THe kernel
build is no problem whatsoever.  I meant to specify that I meant about the
source tree for everything else. (As I'm interested in recompiling them all,
and practising, before bringing a system up to date with sup, for 

	Apologies for the confusion--


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