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Date:      Thu, 12 Sep 1996 07:30:09 PDT
From:      Bill Fenner <>
To:        Stephen Fisher <>
Cc:        Jos Vissers <>, Bill Fenner <>,,
Subject:   Re: Ethernet routes wrong? [was: Why does arp not work when ip-alias] 
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In message <> you write:
>Windows/Dos PC on my ethernet.  What happens is when I try to
>ping it it automatically pops up in the routing tables as:
>IP.IP.IP.11   link#2             UHRLW       0        7       ep0     10
>link#2?  Why?  Then ping start spitting up things about "host is down".

"link#2" indicates that it knows which interface it wants to send it out,
but that ARP hasn't succeeded in fully resolving the address yet.  If you
say "arp -a" it will print "(incomplete)" for this address.

To help figure out why arp is failing, your best bet is to use tcpdump.
You need to have bpf compiled into your kernel, and then you can say
"tcpdump -n -i <interface name> arp".

>When I manually add it and set the gateteway to someone else on my
>ethernet like my main router and it doesn't work out and I delete it the
>entire system crashes.

This crash is fixed in -current.


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