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Date:      Thu, 12 Sep 1996 10:53:08 -0400 (EDT)
From:      FreeBSD Mailing List Recieving Account <freebsd@>
Subject:   HP SCSI-2 drive and FreeBSD
Message-ID:  <Pine.BSF.3.91.960912104257.15682A-100000@>

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I'm installing another server running 2.1.5-RELEASE with an adaptec 152x 
scsi controller and a 2gig HP SCSI-2 hard drive. When I go into fdisk to 
setup my BSD partitions, I get a message that says the geometry is 
incorrect. It says it is 2049/64/32 which is correct, but is not able to 
write the partitions to the disk. 

Thing is, Linux works fine and so does SCO with the same geometry. I 
tried to create a 20mb DOS partition at the beginning of the drive to see 
if that would re-assure BSD that the geometry is in fact correct, but 
didn't help.

Late last night (who needs sleep? :)) I booted up FreeBSD from  floppy 
yet again and this time, fdisk reported the geometry as 2499/53/32! Well, 
maybe Linux and SCO just don't care I thought and was able to write the 
partition and setup my file systems. About halfway through the install 
however, I started getting messages that /proc was full. Doh! I've tried 
different SCSI controllers with no luck too. 

Does anyone know if HP drives have a thing against FreeBSD? All of our 
other servers are running the same OS, so I'd like to keep everything 
standard as possible without throwing a different OS onto our LAN. I'm 
thinking about changing the geometry of the drive at this point from 
rectangular to flat! :)


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