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Date:      Mon, 28 May 2001 10:18:04 -1000
From:      "Jack Cunningham" <>
To:        <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   Agp...??
Message-ID:  <000001c0e7b3$4d0a8070$8f9d0842@AthensDMN.local>

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Ok My first try at seeking advice/help...hope I dont screw it up...))

I have installed FreeBSD 4.2...have it running and am doing all I can
to "Learn"...have been to the home page and read every FAC I can
find...Found a few mention's of AGP but no howto's......

The issue..First is that I am such a "Newbie" I dont know my way
around ..hence the Learning part. But....I have it installed and am
logged in as user or as root and have been setting up my xwindows. The
Graphical interface works perfectly...No problem there I can go
thorough all the set up screens and then when I try to "startx" I get
this error:      

 (--) SVGA: unable to open /dev/agpgart: Device not configured      

Fatal Server error:

I am Installed on a p111 600....128 M RAM NO OTHER OS ....CLEAN
FreeBSD.....Have a Packard Bell 1024 SVGA Monitor....The problem is
with the video card I think...I have a Intel 3D Express AGP 4 Megs of
Memory... It is the i740 chip set. I have selected the i740 option in
the video chipset option when I am going through set up. Plus every
other option(to include the AGP one offered)  to see if I can get it
going. Sigh...none of them have allowed me to get the xwindows to

I have tryed to figure  out how to  "Edit/Veiw" the agpgart dev...but
am stuck.......I have a feeling it's because I have not learned the
"Language" but *sigh*  A newbie is, according to every e-mail I have
seen in the -descusion  -question -newbies forums are just used to
make all the "oldies" feel bothered or start a million part thread on
how we(newbies) dont know "any-Damn-thing " LOL  Any help would be

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