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Date:      Sat, 17 Apr 1999 17:24:09 -0400
From:      "Peter Brezny" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   RE: cheapo 56k hardware
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depending on where you are, there are a lot of telco's that will resell
their access.  (even uunet).  bell south for example resells their 56k
dialups for 14.95/mo to small isp's that want to support their dialup
customers, but don't want to spend $50k on an ascend max to plug in a PRI.

that's what i would do, call the telco in your area and see if they have any

Peter Brezny

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On Sat, 17 Apr 1999, Bill Vermillion wrote:

> The problem you have is that any digital modem at 56K as the ISP is
> going to require a PRI (most probably) and a device that
> interfaces.
> 56K modems can't be used at the ISP because 56K to 56K is limited
> to 33.3K
> > If this is a multithousand buck answer, it's not gooing to be
> > really practical, so please don't make gold plated suggestions
> > without awfully good reasons behind it (better than just enhanced
> > reliability).
> 56K requires a digital link from the ISP through telco, to
> destination so there is no D/A conversion.  The home to ISP
> is analog and therefore requires a D/A at the home and an A/D at
> the ISP.  Doing two AtoD and DtoA conversions limits you to 33.3.
> It's not going to be cheapo.  You can find all sorts of devices on
> the used marked below 56K - but the last time I looked the 56K
> devices were still pretty expensive in comparison.

Ahh.  The ISP in question has a 128K frame relay line, but that would be
a drop in the bucket.  So he has to go buy the service from the telco?
Or he has to have a T1 from the telco, those are the alternatives?


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