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Date:      Fri, 12 Oct 2012 17:49:42 +0800
From:      YC Wang <>
Subject:   How does freebsd supports ipx?
Message-ID:  <>

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    I read from wikipedia that freebsd supports ipx. But when I tried
to set ipx address on em0=EF=BC=8Cit showed the following message:

    freebsd-yc# ifconfig em0 ipx (netnum.nodenum)
    ifconfig: socket(family 23,SOCK_DGRAM: Protocol not supported

    And as I furher trussed the ifconfig process, I found this was
probably caused by the failure of the socket syscall:

    freebsd-yc# truss ifconfig em0 ipx netnum.nodenum
    socket(PF_IPX,SOCK_DGRAM,0)			 ERR#43 'Protocol not supported'

    In contrast however, when calling "socket(PF_IPX,SOCK_DGRAM,0)" on
Linux, it will automatically load the ipx kernel module and the socket
syscall returns successfully. But I don't find any ipx module in
/boot/kernel/ on freebsd.

   So I wonder how does freebsd supports ipx? Is there any other work
I should do for this purpose?

   And if this isn't the most appropriate list for this question,
please let me know.

  YC Wang

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