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Date:      Sun, 22 Apr 2012 01:04:46 +0200 (CEST)
From:      Wojciech Puchar <>
To:        Christian Baer <>
Subject:   Re: recommendation(s) for new computer
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> about anything will run under Windows, so I won't make a fuss there.
> Windows will run on this machine (too), because from time to time I do
> enjoy a little gaming. I am not a hardcore-gamer though. About 80% of my
> time at the computer is spent "in non-gaming-mode". And I certainly will
> not spend extra money to play Crisis in full detail beyond 1080p. I do a
> lot of writing, reading, some programming, lots of photo-work and watch
> a movie from time to time. Nearly all of these 80% will bei done running
> FreeBSD (or PCBSD).

REALLY - i an for a long time not up to date what is "modern" today, as 
FreeBSD and software i use works lightning fast on ANY new computer you 
can buy today - if it works at all.

For personal use, not high load server use, basically everything is fast.

As for compatibility - most SATA controllers, network cards etc do work 
under FreeBSD. for personal use even realtek based network cards is OK.

The real problem is graphics. I do not have any need of high performance 
3D, my laptop and my intel atom based desktop both have integrated intel 
based GFX. it just works. no tweaking, no messing, no binary drivers, no 
trash, no 32-bit only etc.

i am not sure if dual core intel atom E525 would keep up with full HD 
video playing. Probably but i am not sure. Anything stronger will for 

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