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Date:      Mon,  9 Oct 1995 08:11:38 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Robert N Watson <>
Cc:        questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: PS/2 mouse HOW ??
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Excerpts from internet.computing.freebsd-questions: 6-Oct-95 Re: PS/2
mouse HOW ?? Terry Lambert@lambert.or (431*)

> > 
> > I have a ps2 style mouse, The 5 or six pin style I have tried the one option
> > that I have found in the FAQ's BUT it still doesnt work any one have
> any sugestions or doc's I can look at ?

> Probably your X config file is not using the correct protocol.  See the
> X readme's and man pages.

Have you recompiled your kernel to support the psm0 device?  If not, you
need to do so under 2.0.5R (not sure about later snaps.)

BTW -- a thought for 2.1, albeit maybe a little late in the cycle --
maybe an expanded generic kernel should be installed as part of the
bindist (as opposed to from the floppy) that has a few extra devices
that don't otherwise fit, such as the ps/2 mouse.  A rapidly growing
number of people have ps/2 mice instead of serial mice, and making all
those people recompile the kernel seems silly, given a hopefully open
attitude towards easy expandibiity for non-experienced users.  Or
something like that, anyway.
    Robert Watson ( * Double major: IDS/CS * H&SS

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