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Date:      Sat, 15 Nov 2014 19:43:56 +0200
From:      Alnis Morics <>
Subject:   Re: msk doesn't work under 10-amd64 but does on i386
Message-ID:  <>

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 >Hello list,
 >I have a notebook machine that I've converted to act as a small
 >low-power server because its hinges have worn out. It's an atom samsung
 >notebook. The cpu identifies as:
 >Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N450   @ 1.66GHz
 >it is 64-bit capable:
 >Extended feature flags set 1 (CPUID.80000001H:EDX): 20000000
 >EM64T     Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology
 >so I installed the 10.1-R amd64 memstick. All goes well, it reboots, I
 >ssh into it and things are fine for a few minnutes but then I get the
 >following at the console:
 >mmsk0: watchdog timeout
 >and I lose the connection, can't ping anything including its gateway
 >from the device. A reboot will restore connectivity for a short period
 >but the same thing happens again. I tried with the latest 11 snapshot
 >and also tried with 10.0-R amd64 and get the same result. Then I tried
 >with the 10.1-R i386 (in other words, 32 bit) memstick and everything
 >works fine.
 >Why the difference?

The same problem here, with the same netbook. AFAIK, it's an issue with 
Marvell Technologies NICs; there are some PRs 
( For me, 9.x 
realeases and 10.1-RC3 worked well with this NIC but 10.0-RELEASE and 
10.1-RELEASE don't. Some people have fully or partially solved this 
problem with other Marvell NICs by tweaking some kernel settings. I, 
too, tried them but thtey didn't help.


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